Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day!

A new school year.
Fresh school supplies.
Two eager minds, ready to learn.
New teachers.
New friends.
New school.
And a new experience for Mommy.

This morning I dropped both of my kiddos off at school. Pepper went to Mother's Day Out one morning each week last year. But this year he is in an official Pre-K program, from 8:10-11:10 every day. Right now I am sitting in my very quiet house, wondering how in the world it is that my kids are old enough to both be in school. Snapper is a 3rd grader, for crying out loud! It feels like yesterday that she was so cute and little, starting kindergarten in Little Rock. Now she is big, independent, and a great student. When we arrived in front of her classroom this morning, she saw a little girl who looked afraid. Even though Snapper is a new student at the school and has every reason to feel timid herself, she reached out, took the little girl's hand, and offered to be her friend. When we left to go home, Snapper and her new friend were giggling together on their bench. Are my eyes a bit moist? So proud of my girl!

Here is our morning in photos, because we all love photos.

French toast on our red You Are Special Today plates. Devotions with Daddy. Today's topic: God is a personal spirit. You can know Him and He wants to know you. We are using the Family Adventures curriculum, which is produced by our new ministry, Discover God 4 Kids. Shameless plug, here! If you want to check it out, you can get it for free

First day of Pre-K for Pepper.

4 years old...where did the time go?

First day of 3rd grade

Sweet and sassy

7 years old, but turning 8 in 19 days!

Big kids, going to school together this year for the first time! Pepper is just a little bit excited to be going to Snapper's school.

They looked back here because I told them to. But when we dropped them off, there was no looking back, no tears--just enthusiasm for school. I hope it always stays this way.

Pepper's class...a pirate theme!

Would you just take your camera and leave, Mom? I'm a big boy now.

Snapper's teacher wasn't in her classroom, so our photos are from outside.

This Mommy is already counting down the hours until they come home. I can't wait to hear about how their first day went! Did they make any friends? How were their teachers? What did they learn? How is this school different from our schools in Arkansas?

Daddy and I will pick up Pepper at 11:10 and take him out to lunch. Then we are heading to the bike store to get a tube for the tire of the new bike Matt got for a steal on Walmart clearance. Also on the shopping list is small bike to attach to the back of Matt's bike for Pepper to ride so we can go on family bike rides. Pepper is still timid on his bike, and hasn't figured out how to pedal hard without turning the handlebars.  

We'll pick up Snapper at 2:45 and come home for a snack--ice cold watermelon--and homework before heading back out to swim team. And thus begins our schedule for the school year. I think it is going to be a good one!

How was the First Day for your kids (if you have kids)?


E. Charlotte said...

This got me all teary and I'm not even a parent yet! So glad they are so enthusiastic for school. Your daughter was so sweet to befriend that frightened girl. You have raised good kids! :) I hope they each have a wonderful school year!

Kit said...

Oh my! You had me all misty. I remember doing the exact same thing with my two girls. School was always so special here at our home. And when they came home on that first day? We had a little dinner party. Always a cake and special school related little gifts. And of course their Dad and I eagerly listened to their 1st day stories. :) Kit

Tara said...

What a sweet girl you have raised...helping others and being a friend. I hope they both had a wonderful first day.

Stef said...

I love that your house already looks like your home! You impress the socks off me, Em.
I like the sound of your family adventures devotions! Can you email me a link for that?

Southern Belle said...

I'll be following the link you gave for family devotions. Thank you for sharing it! So glad your kids are adjusting quickly to life in Florida. The pictures are priceless.