Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oooh, This Is Fun!

Matt and I have decided that this is the way to work on support! We have made a few one-week trips, but they have not been very fruitful in general. Time is so limited, which also limits people's availability. Five weeks is another story altogether. Our kids adjusted to the time change pretty quickly. We have had enough down time for naps, and good visits with family and friends. And because we're here for so long, we are able to work with other people's busy schedules.

In the last 2 weeks we have :

1. Had lunch with my grandparents
2. Spent a day with my Auntie Maggie and Uncle Dave
3. Spent lots of quality time with my dad and step-mom (who are thoroughly enjoying their grandkids)
4. Cleaned out our family's storage unit with my dad and sister. Lots of good memories...and even more trash!
5. Had 2 Sundays at our home church, Santa Cruz Bible Church. Wonderful!
6. Had dinner with old friends Rachel (Witmer) and Kelly (Stanford), and dessert with old friend Jill (Altknecht)
7. Observed SCBC's Awana program after sharing dinner with the children's director, Ani
8. Drove to Los Angeles, via Fresno
9. Had lunch with my childhood piano teacher, Mrs. MacIntyre, who I had not seen in 13 years!
10. Had dinner with supporters Dave and Amanda. Go Claimjumper! Yum!
11. Spent two nights with my Uncle Jack and Aunt Marianne, and one night with my cousin Katie and her family
12. Had an awesome day at Disneyland!
13. Had lunch with Matt's sister Julie, her husband, and her husband's sister
14. Drove back to Santa Cruz
15. Enjoyed a day at the beach and lunch on the Santa Cruz Wharf
16. Spent a whole day with our very best friends, Stan and Noel
17. Scrapbooked with Noel and my cousin Missy
18. Spent three nights with Missy and her family
19. Visited the school we used to teach at, and had lunch with dear friend Julie
20. Spoke at a marriage class at SCBC
21. Had coffee with old friend Robin Patrick and lunch with new friends Tom and Rachel.

Tonight we are going to dinner with old friend Rebecca!!! I can hardly wait to see her! It has been at least 9 years since I last saw her. This weekend will be party weekend, as we spend it with my sis and her husband. We'll be celebrating all our family's January birthdays (there are 5 of them). Sunday Matt is preaching at a church in King City. He has done a great job preparing her sermon. I love seeing him use his communication gifts!

Alrighty, the time has come to depart for dinner. More from me another day.

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The Yorks said...

It took me a minute...Kelly Stanford??? Oh yeah! Kelly Dybdahl! So strange, I knew her before, but now she's just a Dyb! Trippin' me out a bit! :)