Friday, July 22, 2016

Catching Up

Since my last post...on May 30...much to report!

  • Successful move from on coast to the other
  • Buying a 5-acre farm!
  • Settling in
  • Building a goat barn and chicken coop
  • Buying 2 dairy goats, one of which has since had babies!
  • Teaching the kiddos how to milk and care for goats
  • Buying a small flock of chickens
  • Teaching the kiddos how to care for chickens
  • Planting a garden, which is thriving!
  • Getting started with an amazing pediatrician who is trauma-informed and specializes in behavioral health and neurology
  • Easy access to mental health care for our Sunny
  • Getting established with a great new therapist!
  • Getting five kids registered at three different schools
  • Hubby starting his new job
  • Canning gallons of cherries from our tree
  • Canning gallons of apricot jam and syrup 
  • A mini vacation to Portland 
  • Visits from friends and my sister and her family
  • Celebrating birthdays and holidays with family
  • Attempted suicide by a child and an ensuing call to the crisis hotline
  • Two children making new BFFs
  • First bee stings for three kids
  • Starting to compost
  • Kiddo sleepovers at Grandma's house
  • Our 15th anniversary!
  • And perhaps the most significant of all...a ruptured posterior tibial tendon for Mommy, which means major reconstructive surgery next week. 
And summer is only halfway over!